celebrity crushes ~ darren criss
“I’m the opposite from what people pin me as… I’ve kind of made it a habit where if you expect me to do something, I am usually immediately averse to that idea, and I try to do something else.”

“Anyone, really, who appreciates Glee for what it is: an improbably successful, hot-musical-mess about self-actualization, one that’s inspired creativity and sparks sociocultural conversation despite its frequent and profound ridiculousness, and as such, possesses a perennial, glitter-bombed piece of my unapologetically smitten heart.” — pencilpushingenthusiast

@msleamichele: #Daleastreet is back in action! #GleeSeason6


meanwhile in the Klaine fandom

Request montgomery-fitz: Blaine playing with baby pandas~!


So wait, we know for a fact that Chris is on set and YET the only pic we get is the usual “da/leastreet”?
Geez I’m one of those who like them and even I am irritated.