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God. Blaine with loose curls, I just. The best part of this picture is Darren’s nail polish… This photo is giving me all sorts of rebellious prep boy feels! And now I want it. Ugh.


yeah i know a lot of people hate mpreg but i’ll be damned if pregnant, eating everything in sight, crying at every other song that comes on the radio, round little belly, talking to his bump, painting the nursery in an oversized shirt, getting all sleepy and cuddly around kurt, waddling to the bathroom every ten minutes blaine isn’t the cutest thing in the whole world


Brad Falchuk giving direction to Chris. He just looks so perfect here.

Again, random old tidbits from 2012 that I never posted, but we’re in a long hiatus so eh why not.



"Every morning, I get to wake up next to you…"

I have not seen enough people flailing over the sweet way Blaine touches Kurt’s hand just before he gets out of bed. Maybe I’m following the wrong people on Tumblr. Maybe I’m making terrible life choices. Maybe I need to rethink my place in this world. Ugh, thanks for nothing, Blaine!

#the way they sleep gives me feelings ok  #Blaine’s head pillowed on Kurt’s chest  #right above his heart  #maybe they fell asleep with their left hands tangled  #as soon as Blaine opens his eyes he turns his head towards Kurt  #and pets his hand  #the hand with the ring I might add  #reassuring himself that no it wasn’t a dream  #he really was engaged to the most handsome interesting intelligent talented and kind man ever  #UGH  #klaine  #things that make me happy 

Glee Meme | Ten Group Numbers (10/10)

 - Paradise By The Dashboard Lights (Season 3)


GUYS… that’s me. THAT’S MY TWITTER (@daisyblainers). This is not what I was expecting at 10:30am during a uni lecture, that’s for sure.


Even though the People’s Choice Awards are rigged and after all our efforts last year, we lost.

Chris and Darren still DESERVE to be noticed and nominated for “Favorite TV Duo” -

Vote for Klaine as your favorite ‘TV Duo’ this year by writing their names "Chris Colfer and Darren Criss" into the bottom suggestion panel.